Is This App the Future of Karaoke?

  There is a new app on the karaoke scene that just may revolutionize the sport for better or for worse.

KaraoQ makes monetizes karaoke for all involved. It puts the songlist in the cloud, so no more sticky song binders. Power karaoke singers can pay to “bump” themselves to the top of the queue – this may violate the sacred rule of karaoke; everyone waits their turn. Then there are the commercial opportunities for merchants; App users become a virtual community when they use the App at a karaoke venue, that means venue owners can advertise drink and food specials, record companies can push ads to singers that choose their artists, and songwriters can get those karaoke royalties they’ve been salivating for. So is it liberating¬†or an evil capitalist trick? Tell us in the comments.

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